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Scenic Autumn Road Trips in the US

Many would argue the best time of year to plan a road trip in the United States is during the fall.  The summer months can be dreadfully hot, especially in recent years (road trippers can help by offsetting their carbon emissions), and who wants to be roasting out on the road?  Winter can be dangerous, and while there are plenty of winter holiday resorts in the United States, we say the best time to be out driving is when the leaves are changing.  Book a cheap car hire in the United States for a scenic drive through one of these beautiful Autumn locations.

Dead River Road, Maine

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Just about anywhere you would like to begin your Autumn road trip in New England promises a colorful changing of leaves in a lovely setting.  This photo was taken near the town of Stratton at Flagstaff Lake in Maine.  Many travelers begin their road trips in New England with a car rental from Boston Airport.

Lost Maples State Natural Area, Texas

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Lost Maples is located just 86 miles northwest of San Antonio, Texas by car rental, and features some of the country's best camping, backpacking, hiking, birdwatching, fishing, swimming, and much more!  There are scenic drives all around the natural area and plenty of places to stop and take in your surroundings.

Daniel Boon National Forest, Kentucky

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From the Red River Gorge to Cumberland Falls, the Daniel Boon National Forest is a huge and stunningly scenic park area featuring awe inspiring rock formations a variety of excellent hiking and bicycle trails, and some of the best camp sites in the state.  Drive through Daniel Boon National Forest with a car rental from Louisville Airport.

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