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Bordeaux Travel Guide

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Known as a lively university community the city of Bordeaux in France actually has the largest university in France. Gardens, cafes and a number of museums will allow you to enjoy a very relaxed and tolerant pace. Very vibrant music and artistic scenes here, add up to increase the fine taste of its wine.

So why not have a glass or two while you are in town, since Bordeaux wine can brag about being one of the best ones in the world. Reaching Bordeaux city can be fast and easy from the airport with a Bordeaux car hire service, a great way to enjoy the city in comfort.

Bordeaux car hire

Many significant buildings give Bordeaux a quite unique historical image with so many interesting tourist attractions to admire. Les Quais, close to the railway station is a nice area of town to visit. Whether it is for a walk along the shores of the Garonne riding on a ferry boat, or gazing at the stunning landscape from the bridges of Bordeaux, your cheap rental car in Bordeaux will guide the way. Drive to the Aquitaine Bridge, one of the most beautiful architectural examples in France.

Come to La Victorie and take a look at the Victory Arch, a great symbol of the town's roman roots. And if you want some more of Roman history, then go straight to the Musee D'Aquitaine in your Bordeaux rental car and stare at the Gallo-Roman relics and statues which go as back as 25 thousand years.

It is no reason for surprise to know that, in a city world known for wine, you can enjoy a little wine tasting during your trip. A number of different Chateaux offer samples of local wines and even vineyard tours. Have in mind Bordeaux is the world’s second largest wine-growing region, producing over 700 million bottles a year. Surely there is enough to treat your senses! Remember to leave your Bordeaux car hire at the hotel when having alcohol drinks.

Bordeaux car hire

Travelling around the city can have an extra touch of comfort when you tour its delightful surrounding towns in a cheap Bordeaux car hire online.

Need assistance booking your Bordeaux car hire? Come to our section How to book a rental car in Bordeaux.

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